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    Solutions for Civil Engineering from Civil engineers.

    VectorExpert provides solution ranging from Surveying to CAD from desktop to mobile applications.We understand your actual requirements and ground realities and offers you some cutting edge solutions.


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  • VectorExpert

    A professional tool to meet all their surveying needs from field-to-office and vice-versa.

    Easiest yet powerful solution for EarthWork,Profile surveying with field book calculation, , XSection,Lsection,Profile Design. It will handle the whole process from initial field book entry through design and working drawings to the final output.


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  • VectorExpert

    Digital Terrain modeling / contour in 3 steps.

    Create a Triangulated Irregular Network. Use fault lines to control model. Create contours at user defined intervals. Calculate volumes. Unlimited number of surfaces. Create fully annotated profiles.


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Welcome to VectorExpert!

Vector Expert is a group of dedicated professionals to produce some cutting edge solution for engineering software arena.

Vector Expert software solution is a unique provider of user-friendly, Civil Engineering software products and GIS-ERP turnkey software solutions. Since its inception in 2004, we have focused on developing powerful 2D interactive modeling tools for roads, earthworks, water and infrastructure planning and design.
We believe, to provide solution specific to Civil Engineering it needs experts in those fields not the part timer so here are we with vast experience in domain and as well as software field.


Featured Products

We provides some cutting edge solution for Civil engineers and .NET developers as well as real world CAD solutions.   

We provide world-class software platform consists of a suite of fully interactive design modules which combine to form an integrated data gathering, drawing, surface modeling and design system for civil engineering infrastructure We as a software developer raised our bar little higher than expected and develops some of the reusable framework and control for Microsoft. Net


CivilSurvey Expert
CivilSurvey is a profile leveling program that provides interactive earthworks design and calculations. In addition to the functions such as level calculation, field book entry, this module incorporates more complex survey calculations, cross section and longitudinal section. It will handle the whole process from initial field book entry through design and working drawings to the final output.

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Contour Expert
Contour Expert is an integrated Windows based program designed for the needs of anyone that needs to produce contour plans and / or simple maps.

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News & Events / 2016

CivilSurvey Expert V 1.05 Released , with ennhancement in Profile Editor,advanced printing option..

26th / March / 2009

Contour Expert 1.00 (Beta) open to community preview realesed.

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Email: mail@vectorexpert.com



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