Who Are we ..

Vector Expert was incorporated in 2004 and rapidly became a leading provider of Land surveying solutions,  user-friendly Civil Engineering CAD products.

The company has expertise in:

  • Development, implementation and maintenance of IT turnkey projects, helping clients achieve more efficient management processes tied to land and properties, roads and railways, and underground infrastructures
  • Development of state of the art civil engineering design software CivilSurvey Expert and Components for Civil Engineering related components for deve;opers.
  • Leading the development effort for the upcoming 3D GIS initiative

Vector Expert's products and services address requirements of small companies and large corporations, as well as  state, and local government authorities.

Fields of Interest

Vector Expert is striving to expand its activity in its fields of interest. We are fully committed to excellence, providing our customers with the best service, technology and methods available world-wide today.

  • Solutions developers for management of land, property, roads and underground infrastructure
  • Land management procedures analysis, defining detailed specification, training, implementation and capacity building
  • 3D simulation and visualization for civil engineering project, as well as GIS and cadastre systems
  • Color Ortho-photography and photogrammetric mapping
  • LIDAR mapping
  • Geographic surveying and mapping
  • Civil engineering CAD software

News & Events

24th / April / 2009

CivilSurvey Expert V 1.05 Released , with ennhancement in Profile Editor,advanced printing option..

26th / March / 2009

Contour Expert 1.00 (Beta) open to community preview realesed.

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Manas Patnaik

Tel: +91-8073738197
Email: mail@vectorexpert.com



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